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  • MIDDLE EAST A-2419


    Hi-Gloss Enamel A-2419 SASO



    Middle East Hi-Gloss Enamel A-2419, inorganic and organic pigmented resin based paint with white spirit.


    Properties & Uses

    Extra gloss finishing of wood, metal and cementations substrates. Normally applied over conventional primer undercoats.




    Standard color range available

    Solid Content

    58 ± 2% by volume

    Recommended Film Thickness

    Dry – 25  microns  / Wet 80 microns

    Theoretical Coverage

    Approximate 16 – 20  m2 / liter @ 25 microns DFT on smooth non absorbent surface

    Practical Coverage

    Reduce up by 20%


    High gloss


    Application Details

    Tools / Method

    By brush, roller and conventional spray

    Thinner / Cleaner

    Middle East Thinner # 8004

    Drying Time

    Touch dry 4 – 6  hours / Through dry 6- 8 hours

    Recoating Time

    After minimum 24 hours


    Surface Preparation

    Surface should be clean, dry and free from loose grits oil, grease, dust, etc. Apply to suitable primed and undercoated surfaces.


    Storage & Handling


    Store in cool and dry place, keep out of reach of children.


    Flammable – Flash point above 40 ºC

    Shelf life

    12 months in unopened container





    The information stated herein is to the best of our knowledge true, accurate and is given in good faith but without warranty. The user will be deemed to have satisfied himself independently as to the suitability of our products for his own particular purpose. The document will be updated at least two years. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they have the current copy.


                                                                                         Issued Date : January 2010