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  • Stucco Marble Paint


    Stucco Marble Luxury-class decorative pints give an attractive and beautiful marble effect.




    1-Apply one coat of MEPCO base primer P 1219 or any other suitable type of MEPCO primers then leave to dry.


    2- Apply two coats of MEPCO oil putty Y1109 or any suitable putty from MEPCO.


    -3Apply one or two coats of any matt emulsion of MEPCO water base paints as required.


    -4Apply a first coat of MEPCO STUCCO- Marble according to the required color by using a trowel.


    -5Apply another coat of MEPCO STUCCO Marble according to the required design and may apply another
    coats in 
    case of giving forms and multiple design.


    6-During the surface dry start shining the surface by using a trowel or cotton cloth.