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    3D Paint


    3D is special effect decorative paint with scintillate finish. it gives your interior stylish effects and gentle atmosphere.


    Technical Properties


    Aspect : Pearlescent and slightly metallic.

    Colors : all colors according to requirements.

    Spreading rate : 5m2 approx (2 coats) depend upon film thickness.

    Dilution : up to 20% with water.

    Tools : Roller and Plastic trowel.




    1- Apply matt emulsion MEPCO 1322 let it until dry.


    2- Apply one coat of Decorative paint 3D by roller (up to 20% diluted with water) let it dry.


    3- Apply one or two coat by roller of 3D (up to 20% diluted with water)


    4- Directly before it dry with plastic trowel make circular movement or other geometrical shape According to desire.