Water Based Paints

Of the advantages of water paints because they are easy to clean, and they are resistant to weathering and quick dry, as well as there are many colors and are used internally and externally, it categorized To Primer Sealer, Emulsion, Filler Putty, Texture and Roof Coat..

Solvent Based Paints

Installation of different Solvent Based Paints according to the type of surface to be painted and required by class, and Solvent Based Paints used to paint the wood, concrete and steel surfaces and paint the walls, it categorized To Enamel, Varnish Topcoat, and Metallic Pearl Topcoat..

Industrial Paints

Industrial Paints composed of different chemical compositions, characterized by steadily color for a long time on surfaces which paint, Industrial Paints are used mainly in the coating of metal structures, machinery, and cars..

Decorative Paints

Give your home life that you've gotten. Add dimension, excelled with brilliant colors of fabric colors and shapes with attractive combinations. Use your imagination to give it a look for life. After all, it is not something! only touching your feelings with your truth.


3D Paint

Stucco Marble

Stucco Marble paint